Helping people and organisations
to feel and do better

Can we have a better working life?

The frenetic pace of work, the complexity of large organisations and the ‘always on’ culture facilitated by technology can take its toll on leaders and managers. There is often too much reaction and not enough reflection, too much decisiveness and not enough perspective, and, for individuals, too much self-expectation and not enough self-compassion.

It is my belief, and my experience, that most people want to learn and grow, do what they do well and find fulfilment in their work. Organisations flourish when they enable and facilitate this, rather than get in people’s way.

Let’s support people to be more effective, engaged and satisfied at work, to be good colleagues and to lead well. And let’s ensure there is space and time for home and family life too.

How can I help?

Coaching for Leadership & Performance

The most cost- effective means of unlocking potential, unblocking self-sabotage and unleashing personal and professional growth.

Building Individual, Team & Leader resilience at work

There’s never been a better time to invest in employee resilience. Being resilient at work means surviving AND thriving.

Leadership Development during crisis & complexity

Online workshops for leaders and managers which connect, enlighten, reassure, and provide practical support to those buffeted by one crisis after another.


“Working with Emily really restored and further developed my confidence in my abilities as a leader. This meant that when the next crisis hit (COVID-19), I felt prepared and confident that I knew how to respond. My team have reported since that they recognised this confidence and sense of calm and that it helped them to believe we would get through the challenges together, as we have.”

Head of School, Russel Group University (2020)


  • Connect to and focus on what really matters
  • Maximise resources
  • Do your best work
  • Lead authentically
  • Realise potential
  • Balance work and home
  • Be happy and resilient at work
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