No woman is an island, or something. This page is about acknowledging and celebrating some of the people who make me think, keep me healthy and are great to work with. It’s also a place to recommend some wonderful colleagues and products (I’m not getting a bung. Do I even have to say that?)

Resilience at Work

Resilience at Work – it’s a joy to find people and organisations who are genuinely concerned with doing great work: scholarly practice aimed at sharing learning and benefiting others.

Kathryn McEwen and her team have created and connected a worldwide network of practitioners who want to do the same.

Find out more about R@W here

Mee Yan Cheung Judge

She’s still going and is as formidable as ever. 

If she hadn’t badgered me to join the NTL Certificate Programme in Organisation Development in 2009, I wouldn’t be here now, doing work I love.

The programme is still running, and may change your life, if you let it.

The System Change Consulting Skills team

I regularly collaborate with a number of seriously talented and fun-to-work-with women from the worlds of OD, coaching and leadership development.

We’ve worked together in lots of iterations and on a wide range of projects over the last 10-15 years but I’m especially proud of our collaboration to design and deliver the System Change Consulting Skills programme.

Dr Maxine Craig, Dawn Parkin, Anne Cuthbertson and Dr Mandi Sherlock Storey, take a bow.

Since 2018, this four-day programme for people working in systems and partnerships has been commissioned eleven times and counting, and always receives rave reviews.

Gill Edgerley

Gill Edgerley, a brilliant North East based photographer whose wedding photography business has been blighted by Covid-19, took shots of me that I actually felt good about using on my website.

Heartily recommended.

Physical Performance

Massive thanks to Will, Ami and Rebecca at Physical Performance

They helped keep me healthy over successive lockdowns (online) and the times in between.

So encouraging, knowledgeable and great to be around.

Holly Wheeler

An absolute life-line throughout the last tumultuous year has been Holly Wheeler , fellow OD practitioner, coach and systems change specialist.

This woman is so insightful, dedicated and smart. Our weekly, sometimes rambling, sometimes intense, phone conversations helped keep me sane, fulfilling my need to hypothesise expansively, share observations about the world and be provoked into sharpening my thinking.

It made me realise how important it is to have people in your life who can meet your soul’s needs in times of crisis.

Jackie Salmon

Jackie Salmon – a former colleague and calm, easy-going collaborator in all things techy and creative.

As a virtual assistant, she’s never more than a click or call away from solving your problems.

A final tribute to the clients who invest in the work I do, believe in its value and were willing to take a punt on my being able to transition to online delivery during Covid.

These are the people who engage with me in the kind of open, friendly and pragmatic way that makes for better outcomes all round.

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