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Emily Sweetman
Emily Sweetman

Potted Bio

I’m an independent Organisation Development consultant and executive coach, working mostly in the UK public and Third Sector, and with other social-purpose organisations. Over the last ten years, I’ve helped organisational leaders to clarify and achieve their goals through increased self-awareness, focus, drive and resilience. I bring an innate analytical lens, systems-thinking/practice and psychological-mindedness to design effective interventions and support change efforts. Clients always get my complete commitment, friendly attitude and a flexible, bespoke service.

I spent 20 years in local government / public sector where I had a variety of roles including senior management, policy, research, programme leadership, and organisational improvement. I got the taste for supporting development / change during a six-year stint running multi-million pound (when there was money!) organisational improvement programmes for local government and partner organisations across the North East region of England.

Before that I worked in regional public policy and governance, and before that in various frontline roles based in social housing. I learned a great deal from my time at different levels in complex political and multi-stakeholder environments, and a whole lot more working close up with chief executives and senior political leaders.

These days I provide one-to-one and team coaching, design and deliver leadership development programmes and a range of other Organisation Development interventions. I help in-house OD / HR managers and teams to lead transformation projects and develop their own capabilities and impact.

What I love most is to see people overcome hurdles, grow, thrive and increase their positive influence on others, the work and the system. We can all learn and develop, whatever our age and experience. I practice what I preach by finding ways to develop new neural pathways in my own brain. 

Current project: drumming.


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