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In the last 30-odd years I’ve done many types of work in a bunch of different environments.

Like most people over a working life, I’ve acquired all sorts of experience, skills and knowledge, but nothing has been as fundamental to my personal learning and growth, or my effectiveness as a consultant, as the development of what is sometimes called an ‘OD mindset’. ‘OD’ stands for Organisation Development.

The mindset I’m talking about is rooted in a particular set of values that guide my practice as a leadership coach and as an external consultant working within and alongside organisations.

The values are a belief in human growth and potential, social justice and inclusion, the importance of learning together and the sharing of power. The skill set is a clear eye, an empathetic stance and a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t when people come together to get things done.

This approach and ethos can be applied effectively to all kinds of organisational settings and challenges.

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Emily Sweetman

Coaching for Leadership & Performance

So much of an organisation’s success hinges on the capacity, capability and humanity of its individual leaders and managers.

That’s why coaching is widely seen as the most cost-effective means of unlocking potential, unblocking self-sabotage and unleashing personal and professional growth.

Coaching helps individuals to more fully comprehend the factors that enable and impinge them when they strive to do their best work.

Working with a coach is about making time to pause and think, so that you take on each new challenge from a place of calm intent and deliberate focus, in tune with who you really are, and what you really want.

I have worked with hundreds of senior leaders and managers from across the public sector, charities, social enterprises and businesses with social purpose. Coaching can take place via phone, Zoom, Teams and of course face to face, when times allow. Local walking-coaching sessions have proved popular over the last 12 months!

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Building Individual, Team & Leader Resilience at Work

There’s never been a better time to invest in employee resilience.

Being resilient at work means surviving AND thriving: able to manage the everyday pressures of work whilst staying healthy and proactive in the face of each new challenge.

I’m an accredited user of the Resilience at Work (R@W) Toolkit. It’s proven to be a great framework for coaching individuals, teams and leaders in understanding the sources and components of their own resilience, identifying small shifts and habits to sustain or strengthen their resilience and increase team performance.

My lively and engaging online workshops for leaders and managers are commissioned by organisations to connect, enlighten, reassure, and provide practical support to those buffeted by one crisis after another.

Contact me to find out more about online workshops for Teams, Leaders and individuals, including content, costs and testimonials. The Resilience at Work toolkit can also be used to great effect in one-to-one coaching.

Leadership Development During
Crisis & Complexity

It’s a truth, universally acknowledged, that we live in times of considerable Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) , and that was before Covid-19 struck.

How can we create firm footholds for ourselves and those we’re responsible for in spite of the turbulent environment?

How do we steer organisations and systems when they are affected by so many unpredictable variables?

How should we adapt to a culture of remote working and remote management?

How can we work across boundaries and influence positive change in partnerships and systems?

These informative, interactive, engaging (currently online) workshops are available for leaders and managers:

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